Does Grape Oil Treat Acne?

Strictly speaking, coconut oil does not really cure pimples. However, it does help to clear pimples. Let me explain.

Acne is not just an epidermis deep issue such that you cure it by simply applying something to your epidermis and then your pimples will disappear permanently. Pimples are actually an outside symptom to an enclosed issue. Meaning, something has gone so wrong inside your whole body that it shows signs by popping up pimples on your epidermis to give caution.

(Note: Acne may not seem like a dangerous condition by itself since it affects you aesthetically and then mentally. But if you ignore the caution from your whole body, it may further worsen into something more serious and cause more inner loss to your whole body over time.)

So, if you want to stop your pimples permanently, you got to fix your inner issue rather than treating the exterior symptoms.

We all know that pimples is caused by factors like extreme oily epidermis, microbial growth and massive shedding of scalp.

Though coconut oil may not really cure pimples as said earlier, it can help to decrease your epidermis oil manufacturing by decreasing the detoxification load of your liver organ so that your liver organ can effectively “turn off” androgens, which are those testosterone that stimulate your skin oil glands to produce epidermis oil.

On top of that, coconut oil contains antimicrobials that help to decrease your microbial count so as to control infection and thus, decrease inflammation. When applied topically, coconut oil helps to lose scalp and hence, reduced the chances of skin pore obstruction.

But again, you won’t cure your pimples permanently with the sole use of coconut oil unless you couple it with an impressive change eating plan plan.

Yes, eating plan plays a great part in pimples. That’s because you can easily introduce plenty of toxins and extreme testosterone into your whole body via a poor eating plan such as an eating plan plan full of various meats, milk and unhealthy meals.

Meat, whether organic or non-organic, “gives” you dioxins, steroid testosterone and acid ash that can excess your liver organ and lead to extreme epidermis oil manufacturing. Dairy contains organic testosterone from the animals and these testosterone can “turn on” your epidermis oil manufacturing. Refined food can excess your liver organ too with plenty of unknown chemicals.

So, free your liver organ of all these toxic craps by eating more organic food that benefits your epidermis and health such as vegetables and fruit, and other healthy meals. With a respectable eating plan plus coconut oil, you can then cure pimples permanently.