DJ Khaled Weight Loss: A Real Living Inspiration for Weight Reduction

Back in 2006, the name of Khaled Mohammed Khaled started to get “sky-rocketing”. Yes, we’re talking about the infamous DJ Khaled here. In about 10 years after he released his first album, this American DJ has done a lot of major music works. That’s what made his name big. But surely, it’s not the only “big” about him. Khaled is also well-known for his big, overweight body. Well, we hardly see him performing live nowadays aside from his radio show. However, his appearance on the internet isn’t a joke while at the same time, he’s so busy dropping his weight like there’s no tomorrow. Yes, it’s been confirmed that one of the reasons he doesn’t appear and perform live is because he’s trying out another job which doesn’t have any relation with music at all: being inspiration. He might not intend to have such persona but he has become one because DJ Khaled weight loss is one term that has inspired many people who want to get leaner, slimmer, and also healthier. In totally, if you want to know, Khaled has dropped a whooping 64 pounds. Compared to how he looked in the past 10 years, he’s definitely looking a lot healthier now.

Khaled’s Massive Achievement in Losing the Weight

Khaled wasn’t born with fat and big body, that’s what he claimed. But, everything about his appearance started to change as he got more fame. He always loved eating meat and he ate more throughout his career. That’s why in 2014, due to excessive calories intake, he weighed about 300 pounds. By considering that his height is 5 foot 6 inches, that weight definitely belongs to the “really dangerous” area. Fortunately, he woke up with the idea that he must do some changes if he still wanted to keep working on as musician. That’s when DJ Khaled started every possible effort to lose the weight. And he was so determined for it. As the result, like what’s been mentioned above, 64 pounds had gone in just a matter of 6 months. This is the reason why people started to wonder about what he did to lose such weight. What’s exactly been done by Khaled?

Weight Reduction Secret from Khaled

Khaled ever said that there’s actually no secret in losing weight. If there’s any secret, it’s about being tough on yourself. Khaled knew the reason he got that big body was because he consumed too much meat. With that in mind, Khaled decided to stop eating meat and being a vegan. Automatically, he would also cut out the junk foods from his diet list. Well, it was a smart choice for Khaled. He now has a well-structured eating plan which helps him a lot in succeeding the weight loss plan. In addition to the much-healthier diet, DJ Khaled tried to burn off the calories by doing regular exercise. Again, he’s being tough on himself about it. He routinely goes to the gym but he’s being smart with the type of exercise he chooses. He figured out that too-heavy exercise makes his joints hurt. That’s why he goes to the pool at least three days a week because swimming has lower impact on the joints but it’s just as effective in burning the fat. Before the swimming activity, he does power walk around the pool 10 times and followed by doing a short 5-lap swimming. He doesn’t stop that way. When the swimming session completes, he should have done 25 laps in total. Of course, he takes some break in-between the laps. It’s surely not an easy thing to do but Khaled wants to show us that there’s no easy way out in weight reduction. You need to start working your ass off or there won’t be anything changing, that’s what he ever said.