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Why Some Acne Therapies Don’t Work

You may have come across people who have did not get rid of annoying pimples despite trying a multitude of herbal solutions, over the counter acne items and numerous medical techniques. For many, items and operations perform amazing things, but as soon as they quit using a certain medication or therapy, their acne profits. For others, acne treatments deliver amazing results in the short run but after sometime their acne prevents replying to the skin medications and medical techniques, even though they follow doctor’s guidelines consistently.

Does this mean Acne Therapies really don’t work? No, if a certain medical procedure is not on your side then this does not mean it would not perform for others as well. Do you know why some acne solutions perform really well for one person but not for the others? This is because the latter may not be dealing with the real cause of the acne. For an acne cure to be a success for the individual, it is essential that it must deal with the causes behind the outbreaks. If your therapy or medicines are not dealing with the real cause of acne, they will only treat the signs and signs, and extra time either your acne will become resistant to the therapy or the signs and signs will start returning as soon as you will steer clear of the therapy.

For an acne cure to be successful, it is essential that it details the aspects leading to the outbreaks. Some of the most common causes of acne have been listed below, go through them and try to find out the root cause of your acne:

Sebum Generated by Sweat Gland:

Acne mostly appears in the places that are full of epidermis sebaceous glands, like experience, neck, arms, shoulder area, chest and returning. These glands discharge oils – an oily material that helps lube your epidermis. This oils brings together with the scalp to block the skin pores. Blocked skin pores offer an perfect position for the acne leading to viruses to flourish. Once the skin pores become contaminated with acne leading to viruses, they become contaminated and red pimples raise above the surface of epidermis with a white center.


Studies indicate that certain diet plans may induce pimples. Meals that can intensify the illness consist of milk items as well as foods rich in carbohydrate food. Eating sweets may also intensify acne.


Stress also triggers epidermis sebaceous glands, leading to them to produce more oils and thus leading to clogged skin pores.

Certain Medications:

Certain drugs are also related to an increase in pimples. Included in this are medicines containing adrenal cortical steroids, androgens or lithium.

Junk Food:

Consuming unhealthy meals or deep foods that are deep fried also create you vulnerable to developing acne. Operating in oily places also makes you vulnerable to acne, and it works just like the oil created by your own body.

Dirty Skin:

Dirt itself has nothing to do with acne but making the dust onto the epidermis for extended periods can aggrivate your epidermis, thus providing an perfect position to the acne leading to viruses to flourish in. Cleansing your epidermis twice a day and exfoliation it at least once a week is necessary if you want to get rid of acne. It is relevant to mention here that cleansing epidermis roughly or using severe substances may annoy your epidermis create your acne worse.


Cosmetics don’t lead to pimples, but using poor beauty products or making the cosmetics on for lengthy can create you vulnerable to pimples.

While all of the above mentioned aspects can promote the appearance of pimples on your experience, most of the times it is hormone discrepancy. Not only the patients are not able to recognize this fact, but unfortunately, most of the doctors also are not able to figure out the real cause of acne, and even if they do, they think before to deal with it. They keep on recommending medicines for treating acne only, and most of these medicines further intensify the illness, or at least bring with them negative effects. Even if they don’t affect your epidermis or acne negatively, these medicines would not offer a lasting cure for the problem and your acne is as soon as you will quit using them.